Dependency Injection – The What And The How

July 4, 2010

This post has moved here.


7 Responses to “Dependency Injection – The What And The How”

  1. Fabio Kung Says:

    Awesome wrap up. Congrats!

  2. Simply an _incredible_ post. Congratulations. It is really curious to see that .NET developers are not so familiar with the concepts.

  3. Adrian Says:

    Great Post

    Out of curiosity, how did you come to the conclusion that ninject was not actively supported by the commiters?

    Just interested as I am looking at using it for a project.

  4. Riaan Hanekom Says:

    @Adrian – thanks for pointing that out. Turns out I was looking at the old Google Code repository with the last check-in dated March 2009. That statement has been retracted.

  5. Lehlogonolo Masekela Says:

    well explained. Great post man 10/10

  6. Andrew Says:

    your post is no longer available 😦

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